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Fidelity Audio PRE-120 Pre Amplifier

Product Code:  PRE120
Product Brand:  Fidelity Audio
Product Condition:  New
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Our latest product, the PRE-120, draws on our extensive experience in designing and improving high fidelity audio equipment. The design brief was as simple as it was ambitious: to produce a preamplifier that can sonically stand shoulder to shoulder with rivals costing many times more. To achieve this lofty goal, a simple circuit, careful parts selection and a great power supply were deemed critical.

One audition of the PRE-120 is usually enough to convince the listener of its many merits. Expect to hear an open, spacious sound with natural dynamics and deep, weighty bass. We have auditioned this amplifier against various preamps, several using discrete amplification stages, with unanimous results. The PRE-120 clearly led the way in openness, dynamics, bass depth and sheer musicality.

There is no secret to the success of the design. Quite simply we've married the best op-amp we have ever heard to a first-rate power supply, quality passive components and a top-quality printed circuit board.

We at Fidelity Audio realise that the DAC market is an ever growing one and many people only require one analogue input and use their DACs to switch multiple digital sources. The design features a single input, which saves you money and, just as importantly, removes a potential source of signal degradation. Used in this way there need be no limit to the number of sources you listen to, and there is only one analogue interconnect to buy!

The PRE-120 is designed to offer the very best performance for a relatively small price.

  • Hand built to order in UK
  • Dual mono design
  • Large internal dual voltage power supply
  • Schottky Rectifying Diodes
  • Super low ESR high ripple smoothing capacitors
  • Quality Audiograde parts used throughout
  • High grade pcb copper tracks for optimal signal & voltage transfer
  • Gold Plated RCA Connectors
  • IEC mains input
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • The unit IS NOT supplied with an RCA lead
  • Mains lead supplied
  • Optional Green , Red or Orange LED indicator
  • PRE-120 Pre Amplifer
  • Mains Lead

Specification – PRE-120

  • Inputs: 1x RCA stereo pair
  • Outputs: 1x RCA stereo pair
  • Distortion: (THD + N @ 1kHz): 0.00003%
  • Channel balance: 0.5dB approx
  • Gain: 3:1
  • Output impedance: 100 ohm
  • Output Stage: 2x Mono Ultra high performance, low distortion opamps
  • Supply voltage: AC 230V +/- 10%
  • DC voltage: Low Noise Linear dual power supply +15V & -15V
  • Size: (approx.) W: 104 x H:56  x D:245 (mm) including controls & feet
  • Weight: 1.04 Kg (1.55 Kg including packaging)

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