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ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is a specialist British manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units and complete sound reproduction systems, including the relevant electronic equipment.

  HiFi Choice interview with Bill Woodman  

"If you are not familiar with the ATC brand of speakers, you are probably not involved in the recording industry. ATC speakers and electronics are as common in recording, mixing and mastering studios as rainy days in Seattle. According to their website, artists who use ATC speakers include Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones to name just a few. The people who make those artists sound good are the engineers and the list there is even more impressive with names like Doug Sax, George Massenburg and Bob Ludwig among them. Sony uses ATC’s in their New York SACD studios. So does Abbey Road, Warner Brothers, Polygram and Naxos among many others."

ATC designs and manufactures loudspeaker drive units and systems to achieve levels of performance far in excess of the industry norm. This is achieved by adopting a thoroughly professional engineering approach to the issue of basic design, materials science and production technology.

ATC developed the first soft-dome midrange driver, and pioneered self-contained active (ie, powered) speakers. The company remains independently owned, and their products—which include preamplifiers, power and integrated amplifiers, a CD player–DAC, and a new CD receiver with USB input—are made in England. Celebrity owners of ATC speakers include T Bone Burnett, Coldplay, Enya, Diana Krall, Lenny Kravitz, Ziggy Marley, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, the late Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, Paul Reed Smith, Sting, and Roger Waters. The last pair of loudspeakers Stereophile founder J. Gordon Holt purchased were ATCs.

ATC offers both Professional and Consumer lines of speakers, the latter in wood veneers and, usually, in both passive and active versions.
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